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Guitar lesson

Let Lincoln Music House make your dream of playing the flute, guitar, or violin into a reality today! We teach all skill levels from beginners to those more experienced looking to refine their talents. Our highly skilled musical instructors are ready to teach you how to play the instrument of your dreams at affordable prices.

Few of the things you will learn with our instructors

We carry print music and lesson books!

  • How to Read Music

  • Music Theory

  • Fundamentals

  • Proper Hand Position and FInger Teqnique

  • All Styles Of Music

We carry most of the required lesson books that schools or regular lessons would require. We carry all genres of print music and lesson books such as rock, pop, classical, folk, musicals, beginner lesson books, song books, and WSMA contest music.

Call Now: 414-671-4233

Learn To Play The Instruments That You Love!

Our lessons start as low as only $15.00 per lesson!

Schedule your private in-house lesson with our highly talented instructors. Some of our instructors are school music directors!

Private one-on-one sessions

All of our music lessons are private 1-on-1 sessions. Your lesson will be held in-house by one of our highly qualified teachers for 30 minutes at a time. Our music lessons start as low as $15.00 per session. Lessons are charged monthly.

Some lessons that we offer to you

  • Wind instrument instruction including but not limited to flute, clarinet, saxophone, Trumpet, and trombone.

  • String instruction including but not limited to guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, and cello

  • Percussion instruction including but not limited to drums set, mallet percussion, and hand drums

  • Piano, keyboard, and accordion instruction

  • Vocal instruction

There is never a registration fee for your lessons with us!

Piano lesson